Managed Services and Development

At Performix, we work with our clients to develop adaptive technology solutions designed to address every requirement of a project, whether in data warehousing, sales automation, customer service, mobile applications, marketing research, or more. Our services enable our clients to streamline their Business Intelligence processes. We customize our services to your specific needs, from business process outsourcing to general software design and development. Performix provides a complete solution package for our clients’ software development needs.

Why do clients choose Performix for outsourced development? Business is always looking for new ways to accomplish more for less cost. One strategy that can help achieve this is outsourcing as much work as possible to skilled, but cost-effective external providers. We have proven to our clients that it is not necessary to sacrifice quality while cutting development costs — we follow industry quality standards and incorporate extensive quality checks to ensure application integrity.

Our Managed Services and Development options provide cost-effective ways to integrate new technology into existing business processes, or to develop entirely new software solutions. The high ROI will reflect in a company’s ability to leverage critical data and maximize market opportunities.

Why choose Performix for managed services? The bottom line is, we do not compromise on quality, regardless of the cost-savings we provide our clients while enabling them to streamline their processes. Our managed service solutions reduce project development, implementation time and total project costs.

Performix understands how important it is for you to effectively manage external service providers, and we make it simple by following best practice guidelines.

  • We meet with you to clearly define the scope and schedule for the project.
  • We encourage you to ask questions when evaluating our proposals.
  • We engage resources that are specifically qualified for every project. This saves you time and money in finding best-fit expertise.
  • Our services yield high-quality results at a great value.
  • Our portfolios, references and previous work samples are readily available for review.
  • For you to be confident that we will meet your needs, you can start us with a relatively simple project to see our style and capabilities before engaging us for a “mission critical” project.
  • We work with you to clearly define project milestones, and payment schedule.
  • By understanding how our client intends to use the deliverables, ownership of work is clearly defined up front.
  • When the project is done, we continue to support the client for successful implementation and deployment, ensuring the project is complete.
  • The service engagement, scope of the project, schedules, deliverables and price are confirmed in writing with terms clearly communicated. We keep a record of any agreement changes and encourage our client to do the same. Our goal is to completely fulfill and/or exceed each and every expectation for every project.