Project Outsourcing

With business units becoming more and more aware of what technology can accomplish, the number of software projects requested of a company’s IT organization keep increasing. Most companies face a backlog of desired projects. The limiting factor in doing these projects is not that a company has failed to justify cost. On the contrary, many of these software projects can positively affect a company’s bottom line. In today’s market the limiting factor is the lack of an available development team. For these reasons companies are opting to outsource software projects to external software consulting companies.

There are many risks associated with any software project. The risks associated with outsourcing software projects are even greater. Most software projects don’t fail outright, they just don’t meet all of the end users expectations. We have a straightforward ideology to ensure the success of a project. That ideology combines two words:

Innovative & Practical

Many innovative software projects have failed to deliver on expectations — even though from a technology perspective they may have been amazing, with features and underlying architecture worthy of awards — but the project missed the point. They failed by not understanding the requirements of the end user or how he/she will be using the technology to solve business problems. On the other hand, many software projects failed because they were too practical. Innovative solutions involving new technologies that could have reduced cost and risk, or increased productivity, were overlooked.



Our development philosophy is to combine an innovative use of technology, and understand the practical business use of the software project we are developing. Just as we make every attempt to listen to IT professionals and potential customers, when our team takes on a software project, we make every effort to understand what the business requirements are and how the end users use the new technology. We then combine that information with the technical knowledge to develop innovative applications that end users wanted all along.