Staff Augmentation and Consulting

With the ever-increasing need for companies to be competitive in this dynamic marketplace, pressure on both large and small companies’ IT staff has increased dramatically. The demand for specialized consultants for particular projects has created the need for software consulting companies to provide staff augmentation services. With IT jobs growing at a rate of 20% per year, the need for IT professionals is expected to grow by 70,000 positions by the year 2021. We believe that for a software consulting company to be successful in this business they have to remember one thing:

“The right person for the right job at the right time”

It seems relatively simple, but so many software consulting companies let their goals for financial success get in the way. Often IT professionals working for a software consulting company have been sent to a customer site where their expectations did not match that of the customer. More than often companies have spent the “market rate” for a consultant who should have had a desired skill-set, but end up training that individual with no significant value added. Neither the individuals nor the customer is at fault here.

The fault lies with the software consulting firm’s failure to remember “the right person for the right job at the right time”.

There are many reasons for this mismatch to happen. First, in today’s market it is not easy to find the right person for the right job at the right time and many people are motivated by greed. Second, people who are responsible for matching the right person to the right job are not IT professionals by trade. Professional IT personal have told us stories where a “used car sales person” is making the decisions on their technical qualifications and the value they can bring to a project. These non-IT professionals are the same people listening to a company describe a strategic project and the technical characteristics of the people they need to help make them successful.

At Performix the person who is listening to the IT professional and evaluating his or her skill set, is an IT professional as well.

At Performix the person who is working with managers from various companies who have projects that need staff augmentation, is an IT professional.

At Performix the person who is matching the right person to the right job at the right time is motivated by ensuring that the contractor and the Twin Cities area based company will make Performix their consulting company of choice.