Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is one of the more powerful tools available to support a business enterprise. Successful data -warehouse design starts with understanding the users and their needs. Prior to any design work, the architectural objectives must be clearly defined. The purpose of a data warehouse is to serve its users, so it is necessary to know who will be using it, what their needs are, and how they interact with the data warehouse. The analysts and decision-makers of a company should be empowered with comprehensive data queries that are user-friendly.

A data warehouse exists to serve its users and should be:

  • Enterprise focused
  • As resilient to change as possible
  • Designed to load massive amounts of data in a very short time
  • Provide optimal data extraction processing
  • Formatted to support any and all possible BI analyses in any and all technologies

Performix provides a complete software solution focused on our clients’ needs for data warehousing. We specialize in designing successful data warehouses that deliver:

  • A central repository of consistent data
  • Powerful analytical tools, such as OLAP and data mining
  • Ease of use and optimum functionality
  • Quick answers to complex queries
  • Functionality that does not interfere with OLTP systems

We have found that the most successful data warehouses are based on a dimensional model and contain both detailed and summarized historical data. They also retain consistency while consolidating disparate data from multiple sources, and usually focus on a single subject, like inventory, sales, or finance.

Whatever your goals are for data warehousing, we can supply it. We use a variety of development tools, depending on our client’s requirements, such as Oracle/Carleton. For more information about our data warehousing services, contact our office.